Power Generation

The Scuderi Engine can function as both an air compressor and an engine. Normally this requires two separate systems (a compressor and an engine) and the compressed air produced by the compressor cannot be directly connected to the combustion process of a conventional engine.

Every day the distribution of electricity rises and falls as the demand for power fluctuates during a population’s waking hours. A Scuderi Power Generation and CAES system can help alleviate the “Peak Demand” that occurs each day enabling the lowering of electric bills and property power consumption.

The Scuderi “Split-Cycle” design allows the kinetic energy stored in the form of compressed air to be mixed directly with the energy stored in the fuel creating a more powerful and efficient way of producing electricity.

The Scuderi Engine not only generates power but it also has the unique capability of storing energy in the form of compressed air.

Power produced via grid, wind, solar, and other sources can be stored at a low price during low demand. Energy can then be provided to users on-demand more inexpensively when power is in high demand.

This results in potential savings of up to 20% off a property’s electric bills.

No other technology in the world does this.



Scuderi power generation and storage systems can provide unprecedented advantages to large consumers of power:

  • Major reductions in electric bills.

  • The combined energy of the high-pressure compressed air and the kinetic energy of the fuel creates a significant efficiency gain.

  • The system can combine various energy assets (grid, wind, solar, etc.) and improve the reliability of those systems.

  • Signifi cantly increases reliability and capacity of solar and wind farms.

  • Engine can act as back-up generator when grid goes down.

  • Major reductions in carbon footprint.