Report: Plug-Ins Very Costly to Manufacturers, Minimally Effective on Reducing Fuel Consumption

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This headline from Monday's press release issued by the National Research Council, which functions under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, summarizes the conclusions of a 130-page report: “PLUG-IN HYBRID VEHICLE COSTS LIKELY TO REMAIN HIGH, BENEFITS MODEST FOR DECADES”

According to the press release, with the current plug-in electric vehicle manufacturing costs estimated to be as much as $18,000 more than an equivalent conventional vehicle, their impact on oil consumption and carbon emissions prior to 2030 is expected to be insignificant. In addition to high manufacturing costs, limitations of current battery technology and the nation’s power grid are also unresolved major obstacles.

The National Research Council’s report clearly states that “increasing the fuel efficiency of conventional vehicles” needs to be part of the nation’s long-term success. The conclusions of this report add emphasis to the importance that the Scuderi Cycle technology offers. Along with its capability to reduce both oil consumption and toxic emissions, a Scuderi Engine requires only minimal retooling costs by the manufacturer.

Obtain the full report by clicking here.


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