Scuderi executives return from successful trip to India

Posted on 15 December 2006 | 0 Comments


Scuderi Group executives recently returned from a 10-day tour of India and meetings with the top automotive manufacturers in the country. The team reports significant progress in working more closely with various Indian OEMs to help bring its Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine to the Indian auto, truck and bus market.
Ashok Leyland Special Technical Director R.R.G. Manon (second from right) and Engine R&D General Manager Deshpande Prasann (right) demonstrate the Ashok Leyland’s dynamometer, used to measure an engine’s fuel efficiency and power, for Scuderi Group executives Nick and Steve Scuderi.
Emerging as one of the most robust economies in the world, India is faced with a booming population of over 1.1 billion people resulting in overwhelming fuel consumption and pollution challenges. Recognizing the innovative Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine and its potential to more than double the fuel efficiency of today’s trucks, busses and automobiles and reducing toxic emissions by up to 80 percent - all within a design that will make hybrid vehicles easier and far less expensive to build – India’s engine manufacturers are investigating ways to bring those solutions to the Indian automotive consumer.
India’s growing population of over 1.1 billion people creates major congestion and a rapid increase of vehicles in the streets.
“It was an amazing trip where we experienced not only the thriving culture and the incredible growth taking place there, but also the strains of what that kind of growth can create,” said Steve Scuderi, vice president and patent attorney. “India’s auto makers are very eager to find solutions to significantly curb emissions and bring more fuel-efficient vehicles to the market. We were very well received by the companies we met with, and are looking forward to continuing our work with them.”